Winter Driving and Contingency Plans

By December 16, 2014December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

Winter DrivingAs it sometimes does, winter came hard and fast to the Midwest, covering the ground with a blanket of snow well before the Thanksgiving holiday. And, if last year is any indication, we’re in for the long haul: the winter of 2013-14 hammered the upper Midwest with snow until well into April, throwing in a Polar Vortex for good measure. The Old Farmers’ Almanac, that bastion of folk wisdom and weather prediction, ensures us that the winter of 2014-15 will also throw some curveballs our way, predicting snowy weather patterns throughout the northern states, and wet conditions in the south. All of which can spell danger for those who make their living behind the wheel.

Inclement weather creates myriad dilemmas for truck drivers, and can frustrate shippers and businesses with late delivery. Bad weather means difficult driving conditions, which creates delays, resulting in a backlog that’s difficult to make up for the exact reason the cycle started in the first place: bad weather and difficult driving conditions. By anticipating worst-case scenarios and being prepared with detailed contingency plans, we enable our drivers to make the best decisions for their safety, while still considering the needs of our customers.

At Calhoun Truck Lines, we take the well-being of our drivers very seriously, with a consistent message not to put themselves—or anyone else—in harm’s way to deliver freight. If a driver is not comfortable with driving in certain situations or conditions, we encourage them to make a decision that feels right—which sometimes means not accepting the load. We know that empowering our drivers with knowledge and information is the best way to help them get the work done; with this in mind, we stress winter preparedness for drivers and their equipment.

To mitigate lost revenue for our partners and clients, we prepare contingency plans for when winter weather impacts the flow of freight. As part of this process, we work with our customers to gain better visibility for future freight orders so we can react faster, in an effort to mitigate delays caused by Mother Nature.

We are dedicated to both delivering a level of service that consistently meets our customers’ expectations, providing a professional working environment for our employees, and maintaining a safety conscious truck fleet to share the roads with fellow motorists. To learn more about our locations, service area, and working with us, visit us online at