intermodal truck drivers

Why Choose Calhoun Truck Lines?

  • We view drivers as business partners, not numbers
  • Accurate Settlements
  • Competitive Rates
  • Experienced and Competent Dispatchers
  • Home Nightly
  • Lease Purchase Program

Why Choose Intermodal vs. OTR?

  • Intermodal drivers get home most every night and off on weekends. (Not an exaggeration)
  • See your family
  • Eat food you buy and prepare
  • Sleep in your own bed
  • Shower daily without worrying if you have a shower ticket
  • Control maintenance costs by working with a local shop of your choice
  • Have a life again!
  • Intermodal runs are round trips. No waiting or deadheading for a backhaul.
  • Pay is similar or higher than most larger dry van carriers. You can gross $2500 to $3000+ per week with the right work ethic.
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The adjustments in truck capacity and safety regulations are paving the way for a fundamental shift in our industry.  We believe the best opportunities for drivers who survived the recent recession are directly in front of us.  Those drivers who have a high regard for safety and a strong work ethic should do very well in our industry and we hope to facilitate their success while contracting with Calhoun.

Calhoun’s truck power is primarily made up of independent contractors.  We’ve been working with this model for over a decade to provide a high level of service for our customers.  At Calhoun, we understand the importance of independence and the challenges of running a successful business.

Safety is a top priority at our company and we are only interested in working with contracted drivers who share that same vision.  Our industry regulations are changing at a rapid pace making it extremely difficult for an independent contractor (small business owner) to manage that part of your business after a full day in the truck.  We enjoy helping our independent contractors navigate their way through the “fog” surrounding the regulatory environment within our industry.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide to our customers and want to contract with drivers who provide quality service in their business.  Reliability and accountability are necessary requirements for any owner operator who wishes to contract with Calhoun.  In order to preserve our high level of service we offer additional compensation for contractors who consistently perform at a high level.

We strongly support the small businesses and entrepreneurs that haul a large percentage our nation’s freight!  In addition, we believe that our contractors business’ must be able to succeed for Calhoun to be prosperous.  If you feel like you fit this criteria, please contact us today.