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Are you ready to take the next step with your driving career and become an owner operator? Calhoun Truck Lines works with Universal Equipment L.L.L.P. and offers a low cost option to do exactly that with our lease purchase program. Our program is not like the lease programs the large carriers offer where you go to their yard and pick a truck from a sea of trucks that others have tried to own before you. Occasionally, we have equipment available, but most of the time we have to buy a truck just for you. This gives you an opportunity to be in a truck you want vs. one that you felt forced into. And we make sure you understand the costs and settlement deductions before you sign on, not after. We are committed to the success of each contractor in our fleet. We tailor the costs to ensure that you will make a good living for yourself and family.

Lease to Own Program - Calhoun Trucking

    • Equipment Requirements
      1. We can buy any make or model of truck
      2. We try to buy trucks that are 2010 or newer
      3. We only buy trucks with Detroit Diesel or Cummins engines (Fuel mileage and reliability are #1)
      4. We buy trucks with 500k to 650K miles on them
      5. We only buy trucks with manual transmissions
      6. We buy trucks in the $35K to $50k price range to ensure weekly payments are manageable.
    • All trucks are inspected and dyno’d prior to purchase
      • We will and do walk away from trucks that don’t pass our inspection or dyno test.
    • Small down payment. $3000 truck escrow required from contractor prior to purchase.
    • No maintenance account required, but we strongly encourage our contractors to save for future repairs.

Lease to Own

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