Small Increases in US Economy Makes for Good Laborers

By October 24, 2012December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

As the economy goes, so goes the workers. That may not be the right phrasing, but it sure makes a heck of a lot of sense for trucking companies like Calhoun Truck Lines.   Calhoun Truck Lines

You see, in the intermodal trucking business, without cargo traffic to haul and deliver from point A to Point B and points in between, our workers are idle. And we’d rather have our trucking employees out on the roads working cargo loads and distributing goods across the Midwest than being without cargo loads.

So it’s good news that the Federal Reserve is seeing some of the same things our drivers and our analysts are seeing across the region. That is, there’s been a spike in intermodal trucking services this past summer due to upswings in other key industries like auto sales and more.  

The Federal Reserve announced that the U.S. economy expanded somewhat in July and August, with an accompanied steady to moderate growth in trucking and logistics services.  This news comes from the Fed’s ‘beige book’ on U.S. economic conditions. Most of the Fed’s 12 districts reported higher retail activity, including automobile sales, an important factor in they way we measure our business output.  

This is encouraging news. Our independent trucking company relies on growth indicators from the economy as signs to grow our driver numbers, increase management tasks, and seek out additional cargo loads. Since the U.S. logistics system is made up of different industry segments and businesses working in intermodal transportation, it’s important that these companies help move the nation’s standard shipping containers and trailers to aid in our economic recovery.  

Intermodal trucking and rail firms, ocean carriers, port authorities, logistics companies, and suppliers are all on the front lines of our economy. Let’s remember to remember all the workers who are out in the nation’s thicket, trying to get this country moving again.  

The start of a recovery is a great position to be in. As an independent trucking firm delivering intermodal cargo in the Midwest, we will make this blog a place where you can learn what’s happening from our drivers, our customers, and our management in the months ahead.