Calhoun Truck Lines business begins and ends with maintaining the highest level of safety. It is the responsibility of our safety department to make sure we maintain this level of safety for each truck we put on the road. We work directly with drivers to ensure DOT compliance and support our field operations to enhance working relationships with our truck fleet.

It has been our position to be proactive and adjust our approach to managing our safety program with changing regulations (CSA).  We decided early on to take action and aggressively change our procedures to better position our company for ongoing compliance with the FMCSA/DOT.  The focus of our changes is to reward drivers for their ongoing compliance and set disciplinary action for those who receive violations.  We have made much progress in the past six months but realize achieving our goals will take some time.

Educating our drivers and providing constant communication about changing regulations has been a primary focus in improving the quality of our truck fleet.  Many drivers knew very little about CSA and how the changing regulations would impact their status in the industry.  After many months of newsletters, driver meetings, and new company policies, our drivers have a much better understanding of how the new regulations affect them and our company.

Being a part of the intermodal trucking industry magnifies the problems associated with vehicle and equipment maintenance.  Much of the equipment we haul is shared amongst multiple trucking companies which creates challenges in maintaining good order equipment.  We have added a number of programs to combat this problem and assist drivers with preserving their equipment.  It is our hope that all of these efforts will help improve our company’s safety rating and reduce the long-term financial challenges of those who drive with Calhoun Trucking.