Procter & Gamble takes Distribution Lead with Natural Gas Ambitions

By July 8, 2013December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

At the Calhoun Truck Lines blog in recent months, we’ve touched on the growing intermodal trucking industry moves toward using cleaner fuels on the roads. The leading fuel alternative for our nation’s shipping needs is natural gas. Natural gas is plentiful, it is being pumped on our own US land, and is proving to attract the interest of investors, according to BusinessWeek.  
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Now one of the nation’s largest consumer brands manufacturers is announcing upcoming moves toward using natural gas for its intermodal transportation needs in the coming years.  Proctor & Gamble, has announced that it is working to switch at least one-fifth (20 percent) of its for-hire truckloads natural-gas powered vehicles by 2015.  

Among the reasons cited by P & G in a company press release included costs savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by close to 5,000 metric tons. That’s roughly the  equivalent of the same amount of emissions produced by 1,000 cars on the road every year.  

During the initial phase of the rollout, trucks with natural gas will drive routes in 16 states, making average haul lengths of about 280 miles, with two 1,000 mile routes, according to P&G.  

From P & G’s press release:

“This for-hire natural gas carrier arrangement is in addition to P&G’s 22 natural gas vehicles, which comprise part of the company’s broader efforts to place sustainable logistics at the forefront of manufacturer-retailer collaboration across supply chains. P&G is bringing distribution centers closer to its customer and ensuring trucks are fully utilized in both directions. Globally, the company is moving from truck to rail and inland shipping, which according to P&G data is up to four times less carbon intensive.”  

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