New ATA Newsletter ‘ATA Business of Trucking’ Launched

By May 10, 2013December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

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At this blog, we often share our thoughts on trucking, diesel costs, truck driver hires, and more. So we’re glad to read that our industry association, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) is also reaching out to more people with news about these very same topics that we are covering on our own blog.  
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In April, the ATA announced its launch of a new quarterly newsletter named “ATA Business of Trucking”. This complimentary eNewsletter will be distributed quarterly to ATA members, ATA Council Members, and purchasers of ATA products.   In the four quarterly issues, the team behind it promises to “feature critical information from industry leaders on the most pressing issues in trucking” as it read in the ATA press release.  

“ATA Business of Trucking will provide readers with insight from key industry experts and thought leaders on topics that can have a real impact on their bottom line,” wrote ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “We’re launching this valuable product with a look at natural gas in trucking, a follow up to our successful ATA Summit on Natural Gas in Trucking, but we anticipate covering the length and breadth of trucking issues in the coming months.”  

Issues covered in the debut newsletter issue focused on the industry moving from diesel to natural gas for truckers, with a variety of insights from industry execs on the matter. Here’s the post from Doug Thomson titled “Dual Fuel Conversion Systems Mean the Future is Today” in which he offers his thoughts on how the trucking industry.   

Future topics to be explored will incude which fuel to use, the impact of increased weight, use of dual fuel systems and the return on investment from investing in natural gas trucks.  

At Calhoun Truck Lines, we are excited to hear more about issues in our trucking industry. It’s important, we feel, that more poeple understand how th eintermodal cargo system can provide businesses with the necessary goods.  

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