9 Reasons Why Intermodal Trucking is Better Than OTR

By January 31, 2015December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines
intermodal trucking

1. Intermodal truck drivers get home most every night and off on weekends. (Not an exaggeration)

 Intermodal trucking

2. See your family

intermodal truck drivers

3. Eat food you buy and prepare…and stop eating at fast food joints.

 intermodal drivers

4. Sleep in your own bed

intermodal trucking

5. Shower daily without worrying if you have a shower ticket

intermodal driving

6. Control maintenance costs by working with a local shop of your choice

intermodal benefits

7. Have a life again!

intermodal drivers

8. Intermodal runs are round trips. No waiting or deadheading for a backhaul.

intermodal driving

9. Pay is similar or higher than most larger dry van carriers. You can gross $2500 to $3000+ per week with the right work ethic.

 intermodal driving jobs

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