Growing Intermodal Trucking Business Changes Name, Keeps Focus

By July 3, 2012December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

The world of intermodal trucking services is a business area played, more or less, out of the public eye. While definitely part of national and international commerce, intermodal trucking is not part of our national consciousness. We all see trucks moving goods on our nation’s highways, but the trucking businesses behind those good moving stays mostly anonymous to consumers.

But in the case of at least one Midwest provider of intermodal trucking services, its name and identity became a stumbling block in its quest to grow its business. Its longtime name of Universal Transportation Services was starting to become a confintermodal trucking company    Calhoun Truck Linesusing element among vendors and customers in its marketplace because of a larger competitor’s similar parent company name.

Because of that, the firm recently changed its name to Calhoun Truck Lines and announced it on its website and sent notifications to customers, partners and industry analysts. The intermodal trucking services company knew that something had to be done in late 2011, when vendors and customers of the Midwest firm were starting to mix the smaller Midwestern firm with the larger parent company name, recalls its president.

“Because a large competitor of ours in the business was marketing themselves with a name similar to ours, I wanted to make sure that we kind of separate ourselves from them, make sure that we have our own identity,” explained Calhoun Truck Lines president Brent Bois about the name change. “We’ve changed our name to Calhoun Truck Lines as it reflects a certain regional heritage about where our company is headquartered, and it establishes our own identity away from the more generic sounding ‘Universal’ in our former name.”

By updating its name and web site, Calhoun Truck Lines is able to move forward without any customer confusion, and continue to provide solid and dependable service under a new name. To get there, it worked with its senior staff and some outside marketing consultants to find its new name and identity.  “It was definitely a worthwhile process to go through with the name change to get where we are today,” said company president Bois.

Calhoun Truck Lines was named in part after Lake Calhoun, the well-known lake in the Minneapolis, MN region. The company supplies intermodal trucking services throughout the Midwest from its four trucking operations in Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Omaha. Each operation is fully equipped to handle large intermodal trucking needs.

“Calhoun Truck Lines will continue to deliver great service that consistently meets its customers’ expectations,” continued company president Brent Bois. “Our responsibility continues with providing a professional working environment for our employees, and maintaining a safety conscious truck fleet to share the roads with fellow motorists.”

For more information, contact Calhoun Truck Lines at or call customer service at one of the four Calhoun Truck Lines locations.