Five Steps to Using Intermodal Transport

By September 5, 2012December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

Everyday across the USA, trucks, ships and other shipping vehicles get used for the purpose of intermodal transport. If you’re new to the intermodal shipping field, maybe a few background insights will help you better understand this transportation method.

Intermodal transportation is generally defined as a shipping method in which two or more modes of transport are used. This could describe, for example, a shipping scenario where goods within containers are loaded from a truck to a ship for water transport to another port, and then back on truck again for final delivery to destination. Or the goods can be moved from a train to a truck for final shipment.

intermodal transport   Calhoun Truck LinesCreating a smooth intermodal trucking system requires adherence to schedule operations, and a strict focus on quality and service. Calhoun Truck Lines spends a great deal of our energy on both of these attributes. To help you better figure out if our services are suitable for your goods, consider the six tips listed below in making intermodal shipments.

  • Choose the arrival and destination locations for your shipped goods
  • Make note of the cargo’s sizes ie. dimensions, weight and other specifics
  • Make plans for any special services like delivery notifications, blind shipments, etc.
  • Compare a variety of truck, rail and air quotes in real time from top carriers
  • Check transit times, prices and any other options for guaranteed delivery
  • Book your cargo delivery with Calhoun Truck Lines and review your shipping information

Moving your cargo from point A to Point D (and points B and C in between) is the heart of our business. And to sweeten the deal, we’re also an industry recognized SmartWay Transportation partners with the U.S. EPA. This means that, as a partner, we agree with certain government standards to:

  • Assess freight operations;
  • Calculate fuel consumption and carbon footprint; and
  • Track fuel-efficiency and emission reductions annually.

So, if you’re a customer that needs an excellent intermodal shipping partner, consider Calhoun Truck Lines. We’re one of the Midwest’s largest intermodal transportation companies, supplying intermodal trucking services from five facilities to help clients in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Minneapolis and Omaha.