Calhoun Truck Lines takes our CSA BASIC scores very seriously; the safety department is proactively working with our drivers and industry experts to reduce the number of violations drivers receive and lower our BASIC scores below the FMCSA threshold. It is our highest priority to create policies and actions to accomplish this goal. The actions we have implemented in each BASIC are listed below. If you would like further information on our actions, please contact us at 952-983-3299.

-Calhoun Trucking Safety Director

tech_savvy_intermodal_truck_driversCSA BASICS Score Actions

Unsafe Driving

  • Ban the use of electronic equipment while driving
  • Provide continuing education on managing driver speed and space
  • Test drivers for proper backing techniques
  • Provide extreme weather driving education and best practices
  • Implement Calhoun Trucking/CSA fine policy
  • All unsafe driving violations addressed directly with Calhoun Trucking Safety Director

Fatigued Driving

  • Hours of Service training for dispatchers and drivers
  • Audit all driver logs
  • Consult with industry expert’s for improved training
  • Continuing education at all quarterly safety meetings

Driver Fitness

  • Track driver CDL expirations
  • Random drug testing
  • Mandate pre-employment drug testing
  • Monitor mandatory annual driver physicals

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Random DOT truck inspections (in addition to the required annual inspection)
  • DVIR received daily from all drivers
  • Maintain and manage the maintenance of leased chassis
  • Partner with local vendors to manage maintenance
  • Mandate monthly maintenance reports from all drivers
  • Vehicle maintenance Calhoun Trucking/CSA Fine Policy
  • Partner with local vendors to manage equipment


  • Zip-tie Policy for container securement
  • Continuous hazmat training for managers, dispatchers, and drivers
  • Continuous education on equipment inspections and cargo securement for all drivers


  • Follow Great West Casualty’s guidelines for accident reporting
  • Equipment control education (during orientation and quarterly) for all drivers
  • Participate in the Great West Casualty “Value Driven Driving” program


  • All CSA violations addressed directly with UTS safety director, terminal manager, and dispatcher
  • A No Roadside Inspection Violation Incentive Policy
  • Zero Tolerance RSI Violation Policy
  • Weekly driver newsletters
  • J.J. Keller CSA – 7 BASICS training
  • Safety personnel attends industry courses, including DOT regulations and CSA
  • Monitor ISS score
  • Dispatch Driver Scorecard
  • Monitor roadside inspections on the FMCSA Portal
  • Use PSP reports during on-hire process