Calhoun Truck Lines President Speaks on MPR

By September 20, 2012December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

Calhoun Truck Lines president Brent Bois recently spoke to Minnesota Public Radio’s Economic Lookouts on the Public Insight Network about how Calhoun Truck Lines is recovering from the economic downturn. Calhoun Truck Lines, like many other companies, became “leaner” during the recession by having to lay off some employees, however they have recently began hiring as well as adding a new location in Indianapolis.

Trucking is a highly regulated industry and while Bois is in favor of effective regulation, such as Compliance Safety and Accountabilty, which has changed the company for the better and made them a safe fleet, he does say there are some regulations that can be reformed. Additionally there are about 10 different agencies regulating the trucking industry which can pose challenges. 

Bois says that moreso than any regulations, the a lack of drivers due to the recession hurt the industry by losing about 225,000 trucks.

Listen to the full interview here: