Calhoun Truck Lines Honors its 2012 Driver of the Year

By February 28, 2013December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

Delivering the goods, day in and day out. That sums up an average day for a truck driver of an intermodal trucking company. Punctuality, patience and persistence help, too.  

Truck driver of the year   Calhoun Truck LinesDrivers at Calhoun Truck Lines begin their days with lines at depots and rail yards. During the course of a typical day, these drivers might encounter equipment problems, weather issues, long unloading/loading times, and not least of all, sharing the road with the average distracted driver. And then there is also the side of the job that deals with paperwork, business expenses, regulations, and other variables that are a necessity in running one’s trucking business.  

On the flip side, there are many components that must work properly in order to produce work to keep the trucks moving and comply with regulations. Drivers often have to put up with long hours and sleepless nights. They also need the ability to meet the demands of customers on a daily basis.   

One of the shining examples in 2012 for this work is our 2012 Driver of the Year – Mark Rea. Based from our Omaha terminal, Mark consistently exhibits a high level of professionalism, while going with the flows that come with running intermodal freight. He has shown responsibilities towards driver safety and properly servicing our customers. Mark is a good example of the high quality we expect from our drivers and the recognition that comes with the work.  

Mark typifies in some ways the unique relationship that exists between Calhoun Truck Lines and all the drivers that contract with Calhoun. There are countless obstacles to deal with when getting loads delivered on a daily basis, and managing a strong cooperation between drivers and Calhoun employees is needed to get the job done.  

Many of Calhoun’s employees who work behind the scenes make sure payments are made, orders are billed, and safety measurements are met. Everyone plays an important role in making sure we continue to move forward as a company.  

In this work, certain drivers stand out as going beyond what’s asked of them, while displaying acts of professionalism. Many of these drivers have been nominated or received “driver of the month” honors over the past year. Yet, Mark was one driver that stood out above all the rest. Because of these strong assets, we’re happy to honor Mark Rea as the Calhoun Truck Lines Driver of the Year.

Thanks for everything you do Mark!