Addressing Driver Shortage through Innovation and Company Culture

By July 1, 2014December 29th, 2021Calhoun Truck Lines

Calhoun Truck LinesThere’s no denying that there are more jobs than good drivers—last year’s figures indicated up to 30,000 open positions industry-wide, though estimates vary. Part of the problem lies in simple demographics: the average age of a truck driver is 55, with a total of 14 percent of all drivers currently on the road aged between 55 and 65. As this group slowly enters into retirement or leaves the workforce due to other factors, the industry’s driver deficit has the potential to increase to 360,000 open positions within the next several years.

Other reasons also factor into the driver shortfall. New Federal regulations have reduced the number of hours truckers can drive, as well as requiring more breaks. These new rules mean that long-haul drivers paid by the mile are on the road longer without extra pay.

Despite the new regulations, Calhoun Truck Lines increased the size of our driver fleet by 35 percent last year. The key to thriving in a changing industry, and one as regulated as transportation, is to incorporate innovative ideas into a dynamic and qualified workplace. Each of our six Calhoun Truck Lines Midwest operational facilities provides a professional work environment for contractors, maintaining a safety-conscious truck fleet to share the roads with fellow motorists.

Much of our success relates to treating our drivers as people, and investing in their professional development by allocating more resources toward retention and education. We spend more time training our drivers, and we offer a variety of incentives to retain our fleet.

“Caring is an action word and Calhoun Truck Lines not only ‘talks the talk but drives it too!’ said driver, Howard Pruitt. “Calhoun is right there to fix you up and keep you safe. Calhoun Truck Lines hands-down just cares!”

For drivers looking to join a pioneering company with a reputation for safety in the intermodal industry, we welcome experienced, qualified drivers to join our rapidly-growing team. Get started by filling out a full driving application today.